Bell Island Blast

Trial Event Saturday September 20 2008
Bike or Run or Both

Athletics NorthEAST (ANE)
is holding a "Trial Run" of the Bell Island Blast. Any and all are welcome to this fun bike/run event however please note there will be NO SUPPORT provided ... bring your own water, snacks, etc.

The 30K bike will start 9:30am (take the 8:20am ferry - $6.25 and 20 minutes) and the 15K run will start 11:30am (take the 10:40am ferry). Both events start at St. Michael's High School which is up the hill from the ferry, left on Memorial, approximately 1km in on your right.

There will be access to showers in the school starting 12:30pm. Bring a few bucks too as there are at least a couple of very good Fish & Chips shops in the area.

Bike Route
Two 15k loops.  From St. Michael's turn right then left at the first stop sign (by the Memorial).  Then just keep going all the way around the island.  Turn right up 10 Commandments Road, left to get to Steve Neary Road, right on Steve Neary to get back to St.Michael's High School.

Run Route
One 15k loop.  Meet at the Boys and Girls Club (straight up the hill from the ferry) to either jog or car pool to the high school for the 11:30am start.